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9-Inch ProBody Pilates Ball: Stability and Fitness for Home Gym & Office – fithub.shop

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ProBody PilatesProBody Pilates

We provide a world-class Pilates experience through quality products and amazing support, while fostering a community of Pilates enthusiasts. We select low-odor, phthalatate free materials.

We love what we do. We believe core strength and balance is the basis of a happy and healthy life. Helping folks improve their active lifestyles is at the core of our mission. Discover balance with ProBody Pilates.

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We work hard to create superior products

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Improve core strength

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Impact flexibility & endurance

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Improve stability





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SAFE materials were carefully chosen for these exercise balls for working out and are free from harmful chemicals. The small workout ball is anti-burst and offers the perfect grip for barre or pilate.
RECOMMENDED by trainers and physical therapists. The inflatable 9 inch Pilates ball aids in increased balance, core fitness and flexibility, as well as recovery with hip, knee or sciatica issues.
INCLUDED with our small excersize balls are exercises and extra inflation straw. The exercise ball for Pilates is inflated in seconds and it’s easy to bring the small ball for exercise on the run.
WE STAND BEHIND our exercise mini ball that is made to be burst resistant. Should the small workout ball leak or burst, we will gladly refund the purchase. The Pilate ball is able to withstand abuse.

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Introducing our brand, ProBody Pilates, which offers a world-class Pilates experience through exceptional products and outstanding support. We prioritize your safety and health by selecting low-odor, phthalate-free materials for our exercise balls.

ProBody Pilates Ball Small Exercise Ball, 9 Inch Bender Ball, Mini Soft Yoga Ball, Workout Ball for Stability, Barre, Fitness, Ab, Core, Physio and Physical Therapy Ball at Home Gym & Office

At ProBody Pilates, we are passionate about helping you improve your active lifestyle. We firmly believe that core strength and balance are essential for a happy and healthy life. Our mission is centered around assisting individuals in discovering balance through Pilates.

Our small exercise ball, also known as a barre ball, is designed to enhance core strength. It provides a convenient and effective way to improve your flexibility and endurance. Additionally, our Pilates ball is proven to have a positive impact on stability.

Recognized by experts in the field, our anti-burst yoga balls come highly recommended by trainers and physical therapists. They aid in achieving increased balance, core fitness, and flexibility. For those with hip, knee, or sciatica issues, our inflatable 9-inch Pilates ball is an excellent tool for recovery.

With the purchase of our small exercise ball, you will receive exercises and an extra inflation straw. Inflating the ball takes just seconds, allowing you to easily bring it along for on-the-go workouts.

Rest assured, we stand behind the quality of our exercise mini ball. It is constructed to be burst resistant. In the unlikely event of a leak or burst, we offer a full refund. Our Pilates ball is built to withstand rigorous use and abuse.

Experience the benefits of our Essential Small Exercise Ball, Anti-Burst Yoga Balls, Rings and Bands, and Active Sitting. Join the ProBody Pilates community and discover a world of improved strength, flexibility, and overall well-being.

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